ROGERS SUGAR Icing Sugar, 1kg/2.2lbs, {Imported from Canada}

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2.25 LBS
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Powdery, white and light as air, icing sugar is the essential ingredient in frostings and glazes. 

It is powdered granulated sugar, with a touch of starch added to prevent caking that would otherwise occur when icing's very fine particles absorb moisture from the air. 

In order to assure a gluten-free product cornstach is used for this purpose. 

Beautifully iced cakes, dusted fruits and glazed desserts all owe their taste and beauty to icing sugar.

  • This Icing Sugar is specially ground from our granulated sugar to achieve its extra fine texture and decorative characteristics.
  • Rogers Icing Sugar is a natural way to add a little sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture to any dessert.
  • Refined in Canada since 1890
  • White and light as air
  • Imported from Canada
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