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Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips, 826g/29.1 oz., Jumbo Bag, {Imported from Canada}

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Try this.

Grab a Bite Size Round, dip it into some Tostitos salsa, and pop into your mouth.

Fits perfectly.

They're just like Tostitos Restaurant Style tortilla chips, only smaller and round.

Made from premium white corn, Tostitos Bite Size Rounds tortilla chips, are a versatile snack.

Each chip delivers a hearty crunch and a light burst of flavour, topped off with a touch of salt.

Serve up your Tostitos tortilla chips with a savoury Tostitos salsa for a crowd-pleasing snack experience.

  • 14 g of Whole Grains per serving
  • Gluten Free
  • This Order is for a Jumbo, 826g Bag of delicious Tortilla Chips.
  • Made In Canada
  • Imported from Canada

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