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Tassimo Nabob Cafe Crema Single Serve T-Discs, 14 T Discs, 110g {Imported from Canada}

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Darker than a French Roast, but not as strong as an Espresso, Cafe Crema is a full-size cup of coffee with a layer of richly aromatic golden foam also known as crema.

Whether mid-morning, with friends, or after dinner, Tassimo Nabob Cafe Crema is an everyday indulgence worth making time for.

  • One 110G bag of Tassimo Nabob Cafe Crema T-Discs (14 t-discs)
  • Bold Coffee
  • Each T-Disc makes one 8 fl oz/236 ml coffee
  • Made primarily with 100% Arabica beans.
  • Imported from Canada

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