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Preparation H Cream With Bio-Dyne, 3 Tubes, 25g/.88oz - {Canadian Formula}

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Many of us are familiar with Preparation H for its use in treating hemorrhoids.

But did you know that Preparation H is also used to fight wrinkles and relieve puffy eyes?

The secret ingredient in Preparation H is Bio-dyne, also known as Live Yeast Cell Derivative LYCD.

This formulation is found only in the Preparation H marketed in Canada and not in the US version.

Preparation H Cream found in the USA does not contain biodyne, which was removed when the product was reformulated years ago.

Instead, it contains phenylephrine HCI 0.25 % a vasoconstrictor (shrinks vessels) that some dermatologists claim will constrict capillaries and temporarily reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.

However, many individuals report irritation and burning when using the US version of Preparation H.

  • Preparation H Cream With Bio-Dyne, 3 Tubes 25g/.88oz - Canadian Formula.
  • Canadian formula
  • 3 tubes
  • Imported from Canada

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