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Pacific Instant Skim Milk Powder, Vitamin (A, D) Enriched, 1 kg (2.2 lb) {Imported from Canada}

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Pacific Instant Skim Milk Powder 2.2 lb (1 kg) Excellent for baking, cooking and drinking.

Vitamins A& D enriched Add 25 grams milk powder to one cup of water to make 1 cup of milk.

Drink/use immediately, otherwise store liquid milk in a refrigerator.

Product of Canada.

  • Pacific Instant Skim Milk Powder 2.2lb (1 kg): Economy pack and makes 10 litres of liquid milk.
  • Excellent for baking (breads, cakes,cookies) & cooking (cream soups, gravies).
  • Vitamins A & D enriched: A cup (250 mL) of liquid milk contains 90 claories only and supplies a whooping 15% and 40% of required vitamins A & D respectively.
  • Prepare one cup of milk by dissolving 25 grams of milk powder in one cup of water.
  • Imported from Canada

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