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Olivia & Leo No Sugar Added Black Licorice, 150g/5.2 oz. {Imported from Canada}

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Olivia & Leo Black Licorice -- No Sugar Added!

Enjoy these soft pieces of black licorice guilt-free.

They're made with licorice extract, natural colors, and no added sugar!

Olivia & Leo is a Canadian owned sugar-free chocolate and candy company, committed to developing delicious alternatives that enhance all our lives in a positive and enjoyable way.

We believe that healthy treats should taste as good or even better than the sugar filled ones!

Those with intolerances, allergies, diabetes, or anyone looking for healthier options should also be able to enjoy decadent treats without compromising their health.

Tasty black licorice pieces, Peanut Free, Non-GMO, Keto, No Sugar Added.

150g/5.2 oz. bag of Black Licorice Pieces

  • Olivia & Leo Black Licorice
  • Tasty, Soft, Black Licorice, No Sugar Added
  • 5.2 oz. Bag
  • Imported from Canada
FlavorBlack Licorice
Brand NameOlivia & Leo
IngredientsMaltitol, wheat flour, licorice extract, natural and artificial flavors, caramel (color), guar gum, potassium sorbate, salt, carnauba wax.
Allergen InformationContains Wheat
Nut FreeYes
Heat SensitiveNo
Contains LiquidsNo
Calories per Serving60
Serving Size4 pieces (20g)
Calories per 100g300
Number of Servings7
Quantity1 Bag (150g)
Age Range12-13 months
Regional CuisineCanadian
Product LineCandy & Gum
ManufacturerOlivia & Leo Gourmet Treats
Country of OriginCanada
Product TypeSoft Licorice
Product NameOlivia & Leo No Sugar Added Black Licorice
Sugar FreeYes
Carbohydrates per Serving17g
Sugar per Serving0 g
Sodium per Serving0 mg
Protein per Serving1g
Cholesterol per Serving0 mg
Potassium per Serving0 mg
Calcium per Serving0 mg
Iron per Serving0 mg
FormSoft Gummy

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