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Old El Paso Hard Taco Dinner Kit, 12 taco shells, 250g/8.8 oz., {Imported from Canada}

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Nothing beats getting together for irresistibly satisfying Old El Paso Tacos.

Enjoy the unmistakable crunch of our taco shells, followed by the mouth-watering taste of deliciously seasoned beef, grated cheese, crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes topped with Old El Paso Taco Sauce.

Share the fun and spirit of Old El Paso.

  • SIMPLE: 4 simple ingredients
  • DINNER: Add chicken or a meat alternative and toppings to make your taco night a balanced one
  • QUICK: Ready in 20 minutes
  • CONTAINS: 12 taco shells, mild taco sauce, and taco seasoning mix
  • CONTAINS: 1 pouch 24 grams

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