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NESTLE SMARTIES Resealable Bag, 203g (PACK OF 4), {Imported from Canada}

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It doesn't matter how you sort'em, eate'm, or bake'em into your own creation.

Each NESTLE Smarties Resealable Bag (203g) opens up a world of imagination and creativity.

The classic, colourful, and crunchy candy-coated sweets come in this perfectly shareable resealable bag.

Great for portioning or carrying on a trip.

The only question is, will you eat the red ones last?

This is for a Order of 4 Bags.

Imported from Canada.

  • Lots of pieces to play, sort, or inspire with vibrant colours
  • Resealable package to share, seal, and carry around. Its a perfect choice for baking, bowl servings, or a treat on a long trip.
  • Not only are they as vibrant as ever, but they're made with natural flavours and no artificial colours.
  • Delicious milk chocolate pieces coated in a crunchy candy shell.
  • 190 calories per 40g serving

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