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Nestle Kitkat Senses Caramel Burst Boutique Bag, 162g/5.7oz., {Imported from Canada}

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An incredible taste experience that takes our signature crispy wafer and tops it with rich, flowing caramel and a smooth, milk-chocolatey coating.

Elevate your break by discovering the creative combination of each individually- wrapped Nestle KITKAT senses caramel burst (162 g).

Perfectly portioned and delicious, this extraordinary flavour combination will slow down even the shortest break into an indulging moment to yourself.

Have a break, have a KITKAT.

  • Individually-wrapped, treat-sized pieces in a beautiful bag. Perfect as a small personal treat or to enjoy with others
  • A special recipe of delicious flowing caramel covering classic KITKAT wafers, coated in a smooth milk-chocolatey layer
  • For more ways to elevate your break, also try Nestle KITKAT senses hazelnut crunch boutique bag (157 g)
  • Have a break, have a KITKAT
  • Imported from Canada

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