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NESCAFE Gold Origins Sumatra Coffee Jar, 95g/3.4 oz {Imported from Canada}

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Enjoy a cup of NESCAFE Gold origins Sumatra coffee (95 g), a delicious coffee brew that exceeds all expectations when it comes to instant Coffee.

Hand- picked by coffee farmers in the tropical jungles of Indonesia, this premium, single origin coffee brews a smoky, full-bodied cup with notes of caramel and nuts.

It's expertly crafted with a flavour profile that delights the senses, so you can enjoy the perfect cup - Every time.

Sit back and savour the extraordinary experience that's unlike any other.

  • NESCAFE Gold origins Sumatra coffee (95 g) is a full-bodied profile with a smoky, earthy flavour underpinned by subtle notes of caramel and nuts
  • Easy to adjust to taste, so you can experiment and customize your perfect cup
  • A high-quality coffee that will exceed any expectations you have for instant Coffee
  • Coffee beans Handpicked by farmers high up in the tropical jungle of Indonesia
  • Responsibly grown coffee through sustainable farming practices

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