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McCormick Gourmet Chinese Five Spices, 45g/1.6oz., {Imported from Canada}

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Chinese five spice is a classical blend of spices used in Chinese and other oriental dishes.

Ingredients: fennel, anise, ginger, licorice root,cinnamon, cloves, sulphites.

A blend designed to balance the 5 flavours of salty, sour, bitter, pungent and sweet.

Use sparingly to season slow-cooked dishes, in sauces for meats and vegetables, or add to stir-fries.

  • This blend of five spices, extensively used in Chinese cuisine, brings warm, spicy-sweet flavours
  • A blend of anise, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and ginger, it is designed to impart a wide variety of tastes to fit many different types of prepared foods
  • A combination that produces citrus, licorice, earthy and sweet cinnamon notes
  • May be used in sauces or glazes for meats and vegetables; mix with apple jelly and brush on pork chops or roast; add to glazed carrots or candied sweet potatoes.
  • Imported from Canada

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