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Lay's Poppables White Cheddar Potato Snack, 130g/4.6 oz, {Imported from Canada}

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There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of new LAY'S POPPABLES potato snacks that makes you go, "Mmmm."

It could be the bite-sized, perfectly popped shape.

Or maybe that they're deliciously seasoned with flavour, both inside & out.

Either way, we think you'll find these one-of-a-kind potato snacks OH SO POPPABLE and with about 50 pieces per serving, pretty perfect.

One POP and You're in Love.

  • Perfectly Poppable Crispy Potato Bites.
  • Crispy Potato Bites
  • Flavoured potato snacks
  • Imported from Canada

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