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Lawry's, Cajun Seasoning, 725g/25.6oz., {Imported from Canada}

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Take your taste buds on a trip to the Big Easy -- without leaving your kitchen!

Lawry's Cajun with Zatarain's Seasoning Marinade combines the great taste of Lawry's with the signature New Orleans flavor only Zatarain's can deliver.

Featuring a zesty blend of natural flavors like red and green bell peppers, paprika, onion and garlic, this marinade jazzes up chicken breasts or wings, pork and shrimp with authentic Cajun flavor your family will love -- and in just 30 minutes!.

  • It's a robust and full-bodied seasoning that combines the essentials of Cajun cookery - onions, bell peppers and celery, along with chillies, pepper, garlic and a variety of herbs
  • This hot, spicy seasoning has a unique flavour specific to Cajun seasoning
  • Looking to spice up you meals and add some heat? This seasoning is perfect for you!
  • RECIPE TIP: Perfect with chicken, pork, fish and seafood; simply shake on or add to flour/bread crumb coating; bake, grill or fry. Add to one pot dishes, soups, vegetables, jambalayas, gumbos, stir-fries and marinades. Use to make blackened fish or chicken. Use in salad dressings for bean salads, corn relishes, mixed vegetables and salsas. Sprinkle into scrambled eggs, omelets, devilled eggs, nachos, pizza, chili or anywhere added heat and flavour is desired.
  • Imported from Canada

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