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Lancia Spaghetti 900g/31.7 oz., (2 pk), {Imported from Canada}

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Lancia Pasta spaghetti has been made with care for generations.

This pasta is rich in minerals with zero sodium content.

High in Thiamine 46%, Niacin, 31%, Folate 73% and a good source of Iron 14%.

Everybody will surely love this spaghetti pasta, add some tomato sauce, white sauce cream or cheese on top.

Surely kids and adults will love it.

Perfect for all occasion

  • Lancia Spaghetti is made of premium quality pasta with special ingredient
  • This spaghetti has no preservatives and easy to cook
  • Pack of 2, 900 g per pack, a 10-minute cook spaghetti or until tender and may add tomato sauce, cream or cheese
  • Cooking instruction must be followed to get best results for delicious spaghetti
  • Lancia spaghetti is great for parties, snacks and meal

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