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Kraft Dinner, Three Cheese, Macaroni & Cheese, 200g/7oz., {Imported from Canada}

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Kraft Dinner Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese combines three different kinds of cheese with mini shells for a deliciously creamy meal!

When you see the familiar, cheesy KD on the package you know that this macaroni & cheese classic is sure to smile-ify your family's faces.

With its iconic cheesy flavor, Kraft Dinner Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese is the taste you love.

Ideal for busy evenings, Kraft Dinner Three Cheese mac & cheese is a family favorite that takes only minutes to prepare.

Serve it on its own, as a side dish, or as part of a recipe.

You know you love it!

For over 75 years, Kraft Dinner has been Canada’s family favorite.

And just looking at that box, you can almost taste why.

The classic smiling macaroni drenched in creamy cheese sauce will make you fall in love with every bite.

Introduced in 1937, it’s been bringing gooey, cheesy smiles to peoples’ faces everywhere.

  • One 200g box of Kraft Dinner Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese
  • Triple the cheesy flavor and fun pasta shells.
  • Ready in 7-8 minutes
  • KD is Canada's #1 mac & cheese
  • Imported from Canada

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