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Knorr Selects Sweet Corn Mac & Cheese with Volanti Pasta, 130g/4.6 oz., {Imported from Canada}

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Simply put, sweet and savoury is a classic combination that gets those taste buds excited. They took this idea to heart when creating Knorr Selects Sweet Corn Mac & Cheese with Volanti Pasta (130g). They took an extra- mouthwatering blend of parmesan, romano, asiago, and cheddar cheese and combined them with volanti pasta for a creamy, sweet and savoury side you'll want to have as your main meal instead.

Sound good?

Then toss some chicken sausage, sauteed apples, and baby spinach leaves into the skillet for a gloriously quick and cheesy Sausage and Apple Cheddar Mac your taste buds will gladly thank you for.

For a less cheesy, but equally delicious option, we love our Knorr Selects White Cheddar Broccoli with Cavatappi Pasta.

The combination of the green vegetable and white cheddar will keep your taste buds happy.

They also make a Knorr Selects Rustic Mexican Rice & Beans that will definitely steal the spotlight from any taco on Taco Night.

They're both ready in 10 minutes or less, with no preservatives or artificial flavours.

At Knorr, they believe good food matters, and that everyday meals deserve to be just as delicious as the fancy ones you make reservations for.

That's why their various sides, bouillons, sauces, gravies, soups, and seasonings contain high-quality ingredients that deliver chef-inspired flavour without cutting into family time.

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You'll be glad you did.

  • Is a premium pasta side dish made with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours
  • Knorr is committed to working with farmers to grow pasta ingredients responsibly.
  • Expertly blends sharp aged cheddar with sweet and crunchy corn into a delicious pasta dish.
  • Distinct volanti pasta shape
  • Quick and easy to prepare - Cooks in 8 minutes on the stovetop.

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