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Cora Crepe Mix, Plain, 700g/1.5 lbs., Imported from Canada

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Cora Plain Crepe Mix, 700g/1.5 lbs.

Enjoy authentic French Crepes without any fuss!

For a breakfast full of flavor, mix Cora's crepe mix with milk or any plant based beverage, and fry until the edge peels of easily an begins to brown.

These crepes are delicious all on their own, but also taste great with garnishing

For a salty option add bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, ham, or fried eggs.

Or go full out and grill a chicken breast, cut into strips, add baby spinach and cheese and fold together!

For a sweet option add fresh fruit and top with whipped cream, or melted chocolate. Or even Hazelnut spread!

Feel free to let your creativity flow!!

  • 1 Bag of Cora's Plain Crepe Mix, 700g/1.5 lbs.
  • Simply add Milk or any other plant based beverages!
  • Perfect on its own, or with garnishing!
  • Authentic French Crepes
  • Imported from Canada
Brand NameCora
IngredientsWheat flour, sugar, powdered whole eggs, soybean oil, salt, sodium bicarbonate. Contains: wheat, eggs.
Allergen InformationContains Wheat, Egg
Nut FreeYes
Heat SensitiveNo
Contains LiquidsNo
Calories per Serving180
Serving Size1/3 cup (50g)
Calories per 100g360
Number of Servings14
Quantity1 Bag (700g)
Age Range9-12 months
CourseBreakfast, Brunch
Regional CuisineFrench
Product LineBaking Mixes
ManufacturerCoramark Inc
Country of OriginCanada
Product TypeCrepe Mix
Product NameCora's Plain Crepe Mix
Sugar FreeNo
Carbohydrates per Serving38g
Sugar per Serving4g
Sodium per Serving160mg
Protein per Serving4g
Cholesterol per Serving20mg
Potassium per Serving50mg
Calcium per Serving10mg
Iron per Serving2mg

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