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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, 355mL/12 fl. oz. cans, 12ct, {Imported from Canada}

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Soda. Pop. Soft drink. Sparkling beverage. Carbonated drink.

Whatever you call it, nothing compares to the refreshing, crisp taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Enjoy with friends, on the go or with a meal.

Whatever the occasion, wherever you are, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar makes life's special moments a little bit better.

The great taste of Coca-Cola has stood the test of time.

And Coca-Cola Zero Sugar brings you a Coca-Cola taste with zero sugar and zero calories.

Between the delicious taste and refreshing fizz, it's sure to give you that "ahhh" moment whenever you want it.

Every sip, every "ahhh", every smile--find that feeling with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Best enjoyed ice-cold for maximum refreshment.

Grab a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, take a sip and find your "ahhh" moment.

Whatever you're looking for in a soda, there's a Coca-Cola to satisfy your taste buds.

Enjoy Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

  • Pack of 12, 355mL per can; Coca-Cola Zero.
  • Serve ice cold for maximum refreshment.
  • Perfect for at-home meals with family and friends.
  • Please note that where temperatures can drop below 0 Celsius, beverages may freeze and cause containers to burst when exposed to sub-zero temperatures.
  • Imported from Canada
Brand NameCoca-Cola
IngredientsCarbonated water, Caramel colour, Phosphoric acid, Aspartame (contains phenylalanine), Potassium benzoate, Natural flavour, Potassium citrate, Acesulfame-potassium, Caffeine. Contains (per 355 mL): 46 mg acesulfame-potassium, 85 mg aspartame.
Food SpecificationsGluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Nut FreeYes
Heat SensitiveNo
Contains LiquidsYes
Serving Size1 can (355mL)
Number of Servings12
Quantity12 Cans (355mL)
Age Range6-9 months
Regional CuisineCanadian
Package Width6 in.
Package Length16 in.
Package Height6 in.
Product LineSoft Drink & Pop
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of OriginCanada
Product NameClassic Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Soft Drink
Package Weight10.9 lbs.
Sugar FreeYes
Carbohydrates per Serving0 g
Sugar per Serving0 g
Sodium per Serving30mg
Protein per Serving0.1g
Cholesterol per ServingNone
Potassium per ServingNone
FormCarbonated Liquid

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