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Club House Natural Herbs & Spices One Step Seasoning Parmesan & Herbs 520g

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Combined just the right blend of herbs and spices to make your meals taste perfect. And it's all in one.
  • A combination of onion, garlic and a bouquet of classic italian herbs such as bay, basil and oregano brings this rich blend of Parmesan and Romano cheese to life
  • Italian Herbs such as bay, basil and oregano enhance this blend of Parmesan and Romano cheeses
  • This signature seasoning and its combinaiton of herbs makes for easy use for flavourful meals
  • COOKING TIPS: Sprinkle over spaghetti or toss with cooked buttered pasta. Shake over foccacia, bruschetta or pizza. Toss in Caesar, spinach and tossed salads. Sprinkle over steamed vegetables, casseroles and soups. Add to crumb coatings for chops, chicken, veal, zucchini and other vegetables. Mix into bread or biscuit dough or sprinkle over bread roll and bread sticks before baking. Add to artichoke dip and cream cheese dips.
  • Club House is dedicated to boosting the flavour of your everyday and most important meals and have become Canada's leading brand of spices, seasonings, recipe mixes and extracts

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