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Buckley's Mucus & Phlegm Cough Syrup, 150ml/5.1 oz (Imported from Canada)

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When that hacking cough has worn out its welcome, use Buckley’s Mucus and Phlegm 150mL.

Get fast-acting relief for up to 6 hours from cold and flu symptoms such as coughs, nasal and sinus congestion, and chest congestion.

Works to loosen and thin out mucus and phlegm, to get it up and out.

Famous Canadian made BUCKLEY'S SYRUP 'EXPECTORANT' Cough, Mucus & Phlegm for fast acting relief.

  • Fast-Acting Relief of Cough, Chest , Nasal & Sinus Congestion
  • Works to Loosen and Thin Out Mucus and Phlegm
  • Sucrose Free
  • Canada Balsam
  • Imported and Made in Canada

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