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Billy Bee, Pure Natural Honey, Creamed White, Tub, 500g/17.6 oz., {Imported from Canada}

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Canada's favorite honey!

Billy Bee, Pure Natural Honey, 500g/17.6 oz., Tub.

Bring some sweetness into your life with our 100-Percent pure and natural Billy Bee Creamed White Honey.

Add our rich, delicately flavored honey to celebrate the sweet moments in your life.

Billy Bee is 100% pure and natural because no other ingredients are added. It contains no preservatives and no additives.

A staple of household pantries across the globe spreading sweetness and adding a bit of joy, from breakfast to dessert. Honey is a great substitute for sugar!

From bold and musky, to herbal and aromatic, Billy Bee honey is the versatile must-have for every pantry. Satisfy your sweet tooth and swap Canadas favorite honey for sugar

Spread some sweetness into your life with this 100% pure and natural honey, brighten your morning with the sweet flavor on toast, bagels, and so much more

Founded in 1958 as a small family operation, today Billy Bee Honey Products is Canada's largest honey business sourcing honey from producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

  • Great substitute for sugar!
  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Delicious spread for toast, pancakes, or bagels.
  • Or try over yogurt, ice cream, or fruit
  • Perfect as a dip for finger foods
  • Great in Tea or Coffee!
  • Try Canada's Favorite Honey!
  • Canada No. 1 White Creamed Honey
  • Pasteurized
  • 100% Canadian Certified
  • Imported from Canada
Brand NameBilly Bee
IngredientsNatural Honey
Food SpecificationsKosher, 100% Canadian Certified
Nut FreeYes
Heat SensitiveNo
Contains LiquidsNo
Calories per Serving60
Serving Size1 tbsp. (20g)
Calories per 100g300
Number of Servings25
Quantity1 Tub (500g)
Age Range18-24 months
Package Width12.5 in.
Package Length9.5 in.
Package Height2 in.
Product LineBaking Ingredients, Honey
ManufacturerMcCormick Canada
Country of OriginCanada
Product NameBilly Bee, Pure Natural Honey, Creamed White
Package Weight1.25 lbs.
Sugar FreeNo
Carbohydrates per Serving16g
Sugar per Serving16g
Sodium per Serving0 mg
Protein per Serving0.1g
Cholesterol per Serving0 mg
Potassium per Serving10mg
Calcium per Serving0 mg
Iron per Serving0.1mg
PackagingSmall Plastic Tub
FormCreamed Honey

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