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Billy Bee, Organic Pure Natural Honey, Liquid Amber, Upside-down Squeeze, 375g/13.2oz.

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The rich sweetness and deep amber colour of Billy Bee 100% Pure Organic Honey is an ideal choice for your family's kitchen table.

Enjoy stirred into your favourite hot beverage, in sauces and marinades, or in baked goods.

Imported from Canada.

  • Billy Bee is 100% pure and natural because no other ingredients are added. It contains no preservatives and no additives.
  • A staple of household pantries across the globe — spreading sweetness and adding a bit of joy, from breakfast to dessert. Honey is a great substitute for sugar!
  • From bold and musky, to herbal and aromatic, Billy Bee honey is the versatile must-have for every pantry. Satisfy your sweet tooth and swap Canada’s favourite honey for sugar
  • PACKAGING: the no-mess lid and easy squeeze make for simple and clean use
  • Founded in 1958 as a small family operation, today Billy Bee Honey Products is Canada's largest honey business sourcing honey from producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the World.

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