Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream 2.5 oz 75ml (Unscented) {Imported from Canada}

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Herbacin Hand Cream is suitable for use all year round on hands as well as feet and elbows. 

Herbacin hand cream is not greasy or sticky and is ideal for people who wash their hands frequently at home or at work; great for use after gardening, painting, household chores, etc. 

It is also safe to use on very dry and sensitive skin as its mild ingredients and the lack of synthetic colours and scents will not irritate the skin.

  • Camomile - heals and restores.
  • Glycerine - smooths the skin, moisturises and keeps the skin elastic
  • Silicon - acts like an invisible glove, protecting against everyday environmental abuse
  • This hand cream does not contain mineral oil, animal products, sodium chloride or gluten.
  • Imported from Canada
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